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LDS Dip Nails: All You Need to Know

Although there are many dipping nails, Lavis Dip Nails are of high quality and contain a high nourishing nutrient that is crucial for healthy and lasting nail care. This method of nail dipping is generated with various healthy vitamins that grant healthy and excellent nail finish. Lavis dip nails are healthier than its counterparts because of its vitamin which protect the nails from peeling and cracking. It would be best if you had noticed how a gel nail care chips away or how regular nail polish peeled off easily. Now is the appropriate time to forget these problems because LDS dipping nails is the best solution to all these problems. However, this dipping nail is easy to apply with little energy to achieve beautiful nails.

LDS Dip Nails

Dip powder nail care is known to be a nail care technique that is strong on nails with the presence of Ultraviolet light. The dipping nail gets its colors when the nails are put into the pigmented powders unlike the conventional streak varnishing method. LDS nails gives a perfect nail care finish than regular coat done by professionals before LDS dip nails came on board.

Features of LDS Dip Nails

  • Lavis dip system for nails dipping is safe to use.
  • It has a lasting strength like acrylics.
  • It is durable and not heavy on nails.
  • Dipping nails don’t break or peel easily like other dipping powders.

Although all manicurists have been pondering on the best nail dipping methods that can be used for their client’s nail care, there are various dipping products which are based on different methods of powder dipping and one of these products is LDS dipping nails. As an amateur who wants the best nail care techniques, dip powder nail kits are a good option and they are of different types. Lavis Dipping nails is a product that is created for nutritious and rigid nails. The powder will also give you shiny and elegant nail care.

Are LDS Dip Nails Secured?

You don’t need to be confused or scared of using LDS dipping nails techniques. Like most wholesale nail supplies, it LDS nails protect your natural nails and aid growth. Unlike scraping or picking your nails, this dip powder has no adverse effects on the nails, and this has to be the most welcoming facts about the dip powder. So your natural nails layer can remove and weak when you use a nail stick to chip your nails

How do you Remove LDS Nails?

The best and secured way to remove dip powder polish from your nails is by using gel removal methods. These gel removal methods are:

1st step– Soak cotton with acetone.

2nd step– Allow it to be on your nails for 10- 15 minutes before wiping away the colors.

But after 15 minutes and you still notice the varnish on your nails, you can leave your nails in the polish cleaner for 30 minutes. After doing all these, ensure to rub your nails with hand moisturizers.

Benefits of LDS dipping nails

Women are used to using only two types of nail care techniques which are gel varnish and Acrylics nail care techniques. These two nail care techniques are also recognized due to their longevity and durability; these features are not natural to be opposed when they get to nail dipping techniques. But now dipping nails stands as an intermediary between the gel and acrylics.

Ladies desire something that will last for seven days without peeling and cracking and also simple to remove like acrylics and gel for their manicure. For now, LDS dip nails offers the best of these attributes when comparing wholesale nail supplies.

LDS dip nails are cheap to acquire. Optionally for rapid nail growth, ladies that use dip powder must ensure to repeat this nail care techniques which last for five days. The application of this dip powder contributes other protective layers to the nails and prevents nails breakage and peeling. This protective layer enables the nails to germinate without cracking or chipping when use to open a soda can or bottle.

Are Dip nails better than gel?

Unlike gel and regular nail polish, dip nails are easy and quick to apply on nails than other nail care techniques. Dipping nails method provides a robust protective level to natural nails.


Dip nails lasts on nails for a month without peeling or cracking while regular nail polish last on nails for only 14 days. Therefore you don’t have to think of the time duration for applying this nail dipping technique. You might think that using dipping nails can take much time than traditional gel or acrylic dipping system. But, LDS nails don’t take much time despite its application method. This dip nail has been widely recognized and used due to its innovative nail design methods. They can be done at your home comfort.