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Essential Hair Styling Tips for Men by Just Using Cream and Hair Dryer

Styling your hair aptly adds a lot of difference to your overall looks, and when you do it with the help of some aids, then the results are fantastic. Do you know what you can achieve the splendid look by just two simple things? Hair cream and a hairdryer. I was wondering if there are any special hair dryers for men, and as soon as I had this thought, I turned to the internet for my answer. Yes, I am to guide you on how the hairstyling can be done using these two products as you read by.

men’s hair creams

The men’s hair creams have been a luxury item in the last decade, but things started changing slowly as men have also started giving importance to their looks. The hair creams are one dream product for men as they do not like to use multiple products for addressing each issue, and these creams do precisely that. They serve various purposes of taming your hair, nourishing it, and style it plus without the greasy look.

Comparison Between Cream And Gel

Creams are lighter and replace the hair gels in styling hair without the weight and extra shine that gels have. Dull hair looks groomed instantaneously without much effort with creams. They also contain natural protective ingredients that protect from the pollution and sun’s rays.

Even the rough hair can be made fizz free when you apply hair cream to it. Creams can enhance the natural looks of your hair like make it look healthy and stay in place, but they cannot hold them in shape like gels. If you want spikes and other fancy hairstyling them, you need to opt for gels and not creams.

How to Use Hair Cream?

You need to dab just a bit of cream, warm it between your palms and apply it nicely to your hair. If you skip the warming part, it will not spread evenly. The cream is thick and stays in one place if it is in that consistency, but warming it helps it expand and spread evenly. A little amount goes a long way, so make sure you start with a tiny bit.

You need to spread your fingers nicely and run it through the hair, so it reaches out evenly rather than just dabbing your palm to your hair. No one type suits all, as there are different types of hair. So, try a few till you find the suitable cream and then enjoy your style. Afterall they are washable and pose no risk to your hair, so no harm in trying out various hair cream products.

Hair Dryers

Hairdryers manage a crucial aspect of hairstyling as they are used for quick drying of your wet hair, which you wash almost every day. From my research, I did learn that the hair dryers for men have a potential market but still are at baby steps. If I say that you are spoiling your style by not doing your hair drying in the right manner, do not gape at me in surprise. Yes, it is a fact not known by many. Most of the fizz can be controlled with two simple steps.

  • Use the dryer in a cool setting
  • Smoothen and style as you dry your hair to its look
  • Add volume by drying hair from the below angle but not changing the direction of the hair completely

Some tend to use the dryer on high heat settings leading to dry hair and just randomly go through the hair. Doing so will make it difficult to bend the hair in the required direction after it is dry. When set with heat, its direction holds well and styles easily. So, you must take care to adjust the direction and make it look voluminous as you lift the hair when you dry.

Men’s hair creams are occupying a popular place in the men’s grooming kits as one of the must-have items, and so do hairdryer as a styling aid.