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OPI Nail Colors – Perfection of the Highest Order

Beauty is one quality that is available naturally with all women. Hence, it should not surprise anyone if women use external cosmetic products to enhance their beauty further and look more presentable. Now, nail manicures are a crucial aspect of beauty treatments globally. When you discuss nail manicures, you cannot avoid the debate between the various kinds of nail manicures about which is the best and safest.

Gel Polish Vs. Acrylic Polish Vs. Dip Powder, the debate will keep raging. We shall see why dip powder polish should have the edge over the other two methods listed above.

Before we begin our comparison, we wish to clarify that one should always use high-quality products like OPI nail colors to get a perfect nail manicure.

Dipping powder, gel, and acrylic nail polishes have many similarities, but they come with their merits and demerits.

  • Gel nail polish can last long, but they are hard to remove.
  • Acrylic polish is excellent but can be a challenge to apply at home.
  • Dipping powders also last as long as gel polish, but it also requires salon treatment for a perfect job.

Here are good and bad aspects of each type of nail manicure that should help you decide on the one best suited for you.

Acrylic Nails – Pros and Cons

Acrylic nail manicures are in existence much longer than dipping powder and gel nail polish.

  • Acrylic nails use chemicals having a distinct odor. If you are sensitive to smelly odors, it is better to stay away from acrylic nail manicures.
  • Acrylic nails are durable, but they require regular maintenance.
  • When it comes to flexibility, acrylic nails fail the test because they are the most rigid of the three nail manicures under discussion.
  • Acrylic nails are gentle on the nails. However, people having sensitive skin should think twice before going for an acrylic job.
  • One of the most significant disadvantages of acrylic nails is that they appear fake.
  • On the pricing aspect, acrylic nails are the best placed because it is the most inexpensive of the three processes.

Dipping Powder – Benefits and Drawbacks

Dipping powder is a cross-procedure between gel and acrylic nail jobs. They are not as rigid as acrylic polish, but they are also not as flexible as a gel manicure.

  • Many people feel dip powders are odor-free. However, they are not because a dip powder job requires applying a base coat that contains chemicals having an odor.
  • From the durability angle, dipping powder nail manicures last the longest of the three. A good job can last for as long as six weeks.
  • When you consider flexibility, dipping powder ranks somewhere between acrylic and gel polishes. Compared to acrylic, a dip powder job is flexible. However, gel polish is the most flexible of all.
  • Dip powders are gentle on nails. Removing them is also comparatively straightforward. However, a salon job is any day a better option than trying to remove dip powder polish at home.
  • While acrylic nails look fake, a dip powder manicure feels like a natural and conventional nail polish job.
  • Acrylic polish is the least expensive. A dip powder job is comparatively costly, but a better option than acrylic polish.

Nevertheless, one should ensure to use quality nail polish products like OPI Dipping Powder to ensure a breath-taking nail manicure.

Gel Polish – Advantages and Disadvantages

Gel polish looks natural and attractive, especially when you have excellent color options like OPI nail colors. However, gel polish manicures require UV treatment for drying out the nail polish, which can be a significant drawback.

  • Compared to acrylic and dipping powder, gel polish is odor-free. However, the removal process involves the use of acetone that does have a chemical smell.
  • Gel polish is durable and can last for up to four weeks comfortably.
  • Gel polish manicure is the most flexible procedure of the three processes discussed here.
  • Gel polish is gentle on your nails. However, one should exercise great care when removing gel polish. An incorrect procedure can damage your nails considerably.
  • When it comes to giving a natural feel, gel polish is right there with dipping powder to provide a natural finish to the nails.
  • On the pricing front, gel polish has a significant disadvantage. It is the costliest of all the procedures discussed in this article.


We have seen the good and the bad of each of these three nail manicure jobs. The option always belongs to the individual and her preferences. Acrylic polish is inexpensive, whereas a dipping powder job lasts the longest. Gel polish exudes a natural feel, and so does a dip powder manicure.

Of the three procedures, my personal choice will be dipping powder. A quality product like OPI dipping powder can help in making the nails shine for extended periods.